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sex-call boy job can be a great way to earn a high salary. Boys can mix with women. The Mumbai boy may join the job by being called by the female client and receive a decent callboy salary. The boys are able to work for a short period and earn up to 8,000-10,000 rupees a day.

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The Mumbai Call Boy Number can be used to expand the call boy industry in India. You can earn callboy job salary by connecting to high-profile women in the escort industry using that number.

How to become a playboy: Call boy jobs to know

You can apply here if you’re interested in part-time Mumbai call boy jobs. You can Join Call boy xxx to fulfill your job as a call boy. Here is how to do it: Click on the Registration Form after you have browsed our website. * Upload good photos and information. Only after you verify your documents (such as your address proof, your photo and your contact details) can your profile be activated. If you are a call boy job in Mumbai at , you will receive calls from women clients who want escort services. * Attend the meeting together. Contact our agents to receive better service and dedicated assistance.

Eligibility Criteria for a Mumbai Call Boy Job

  • This is not an extremely technical job requiring specific requirements.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to be eligible.
  • Communication skills are important.
  • Understand the needs of women with presence of Mind.
  • Dress well for all occasions.

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Let’s discuss why now is a great time to get a job as a call boy Jaipur, and the benefits you will receive. The demand for call boys sex has increased again with the rise of high-society. To meet this desire, many callboy job application vacancies are opened each day for men that can afford to earn a good salary. Visit our website at for more information about the call boy recruitment process


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